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Pulled pork or beef brioche rolls
With our own barbecue glaze

Fish finger brioche roll
Cooked until crispy and served with a side order of tomato ketchup or salad cream

Fillet steak baguette
With mushrooms, onions and Dijon mustard

Posh beans on toast
Our own cooked baked beans with a hint of barbecue served on toasted local bread

Smoked gammon, eggs and chips
With piccalilli

Bacon and cheese stuffed potato skins
With a paprika mayonnaise


Croque monsieur
Smoked gammon with melted gruyere cheese and tomato

Croque madame
Smoked ham with melted gruyere cheese and tomato topped with a crisp fried egg


Roast beef and horseradish

Smoked bacon, mushrooms and blue cheese

Chicken and bacon

Bacon, brie and cranberry

Brie, tomato and onion chutney

Prawn and Marie rose sauce

Smoked gammon, tomato and English mustard


Bread and olives
Locally made bread with marinated olives, butter and an olive and balsamic oil dip

Homemade soup of the moment
Served with freshly cut bread

Duo of salmon
Smoked and our own Gravalax with caper berries and a Dijon dressing

Crispy fried Mozzarella bites
On an aromatic tomato and pesto sauce

Pan fried chorizo
Glazed with red wine and served on ciabbata bread

Gambas al pil pil
Whole king prawns pan fried in garlic and home grown chilli. Served on tomato rubbed bruschetta
3 - £7.50/ 4 - £9.25

Pan fried breast of partridge
With warm walnuts, croutons and a raspberry dressing

Main Courses

Roast tenderloin of pork
With roasted chorizo and Caribbean mash

Fresh haddock
Sautéed in olive oil with scallops, Iberico lardons and new potatoes

4 bone rack of lamb
Served on a bubble and squeak rosti with a raspberry and balsamic sauce

Sage and squash pithivier
Made with puff pastry, mascarpone cheese and whole grain mustard

New Forest sirloin steak
Simply served with grilled field mushroom, crispy onion rings, chunky chips and a béarnaise sauce

Chicken souvlaki
Lemon and olive oil marinated chicken cooked with peppers and red onion. Served on humus, rocket pesto and crème fraiche new potatoes

Beef bourguignon
Locally sourced beef cooked in red wine, mushrooms, Pancetta and baby onions. Served on pommes puree with parsnip crisps

Roast breast of duck
Rubbed with 5 spice. Served with cubed potatoes and an aromatic tangerine sauce

Roast fillet of sea bream
With sautéed mushrooms, fennel and new potatoes. Accompanied with a vermouth cream and tiger prawn

Roast Portobello mushroom
Topped with leeks, wilted rocket and goats cheese. Served with a tomato and pesto sauce

All main courses are served with a selection of fresh vegetables.


Please see our specials boards for more choices and today’s desserts.
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