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'All you can eat' Menu - Dominican Republic!

Thursday 25th February 2016 between 7pm-9pm £9.95 per person
Berenjena gusada con cerdo
Marinated pork with aubergines

Pollo guisado
Chicken thighs cooked in garlic and African birds eye chillies

Bistec encebollado
Braised beef with pearl onions

Moro de guandubs con coco
Rice cooked with peas and coconut

La bandera
Dominican Republic’s traditional dish with kidney beans

Mashed plantain mixed with oil

Tayotas con huevos
Roasted christophenes with aubergine

Papas dulces
Sweet potatoes flavoured with lime juice, onions and thyme

Bulgar wheat salad

Ensalada de coditos
Pasta salad with dried fruit and tomato

Queso frito
Fried cheese with spices

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